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Certificates and Awards

Unlike most physics tutors, who hide their academic certificates (please Google around), Mr. Phang has real scientific research experience at DSO National Laboratories (91-94) and thus understands the importance of evidence.

Mr. Phang's students are thus also real scientists like Mr. Phang, who "make decisions based on evaluation of evidence" (quotation taken from physics syllabus 9749 Section 2.7).

  Mr. Phang versus

  Most Tutors*

Secondary School Record

  Phang Yu Hon's student record at Raffles Institution.

  Many tutors claim to be academically weak until they discovered some secrets.

  Some students prefer these late bloomers, akin to patients choosing doctors with similar ailments.

  However, Mr. Phang thinks it's always safer to see a perfectly healthy doctor.


Secondary School Record?

  I remember only the schools I taught at, but not those that I studied at.

* Tutors are generally more forgetful than Mr. Phang's former DSTA colleagues.
Ironically, economics tutors & not only remembered their alma maters, but also posted evidence of book prizes on their websites!






  Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1st Class Honours) - awarded to Phang Yu Hon by the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1991.

  There is no reason to hide something good inside a drawer.



  A degree contains only 2 things worth hiding:

1. Class of Honours.  (Perhaps the tutors are not late bloomers, but non bloomers?)

2. Real Name.  (Do the tutors even come from a country where the exams are printed in English?)
















Innovation Award

  2nd Prize awarded to Phang Yu Hon for Honours Project Thesis (NUS Faculty of Engineering).




 Have but cannot show.



















Technology Prize

  3rd Prize awarded to Phang Yu Hon for Inter-Varsity Science Project Competition (Singapore Science Centre).



 Also have.

 But also cannot display.










Third-Party Verification

  Being a real scientist, Mr. Phang's enthusiasm for evidence extends beyond the laboratory.


Third-Party Verification?

  People who don't verify anything are also easily impressed by "get-rich" seminars.

  However, Mr. Phang's clients come from intellectually superior socio-economic strata like Mr. Phang.




























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