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Certificates and Awards

Unlike most physics tutors, who avoid displaying their academic certificates (please Google), Mr. Phang has real scientific research experience (DSO National Laboratories from 91-94) and hence understands the importance of evidence.

Mr. Phang's students are thus also real scientists, just like Mr. Phang himself, who "make decisions based on evaluation of evidence" (quotation from physics syllabus 9749).

First Class Honours

Electrical Engineering

National University of Singapore

Second Position

Innovation Award for Honours Thesis

Faculty of Engineering (NUS)

Third Position

Technology Prize

Singapore Science Centre

Raffles Institution

Student Record

Admitted from Catholic High Primary School

Alma Maters

Most tutors remember only the schools that they taught at, but not those that they studied that.

Is there any statistical reason why tutors tend to be more forgetful of their alma maters compared to Mr. Phang's former colleagues at DSTA?