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International Baccalaureate I.B. Physics Tuition

Mr. Phang's I.B. (Higher Level) class for Year 5 is combined with G.C.E. 'A' Level (H2) JC1.

In the first half of Year 6, there will 8 lessons when I.B. separates from the 'A' Level class to cover topics unique to I.B.

However, Mr. Phang will not cover all I.B. options, but only Option C (Imaging) selected by the two local I.B. schools ACS(Independent) and School Of The Arts (SOTA).

A common question of I.B. students is whether they can fit into Mr. Phang's class, which follows the G.C.E. 'A' Level syllabus except for the 8 lessons in Year 6 mentioned above.

This question is actually self-fulfilling. Those who believe they can, will fit, such as Mr. Phang's student below.


What distinguishes branded schools like ACS(I) and branded tutors like Mr. Phang, from the hoi polloi, is always their esteemed students (past, present and future) rather than anything within the brands themselves.

Mr. Phang is greatly honoured to be the preferred brand for students whose secrets are in their genes.


Testimonials from some IB students

"Mr. Phang's lessons are incredibly easy to comprehend ... he uses real life and contemporary examples to make his lessons interesting and easier to understand."

Kenneth Lui, ACS (I), 2007, whose uncle is also an ACS alumnus.
(Click here to see Kenneth
's Testimonial)


"His touch of humour in teaching can be a valuable asset in helping to recall facts during those critical moments in the exams."

Joel Khoo, ACS (I), 2007
(Click here to see Joel
's Testimonial)


"All I needed was Mr. Phang's guidance to achieve a 7 in higher level Physics."

Yap Chun Lin, St Joseph's Institution International School, 2012.

(Click here to see Chun Lin's Testimonial)


"His blunt and direct manner of explaining things often left the class in throes of laughter and yet served its purpose at the same time ..."

Lee Jing, School Of The Arts, 2012, whose brother graduated from ACS(I) in 2010 also with 7 points in HL physics and sister (whose name is similar to a famous sports brand) from RJC in 2009 with grade 'A' in H2 physics.

(Click here to see Lee Jing's Testimonial)


"One of your most memorable ones would be your p-pop performance!* ... a 7 for physics in my prelims and I.B. examinations. This was a huge jump from the 4 I got for my Year 5 exams."

* "P-pop" stands for "Physics Pop". It's performed "Phang-nam" style and much more educational than "K-pop".

Ng Jin Xi, School Of The Arts, 2014

(Click here to see Jin Xi's Testimonial)


"A large part of his lessons are focused on providing analogies in order to aid the understanding of complex concepts."

Arun Raja, ACS (I), 2015

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"His H3 lessons are like his H2 lessons and special IB lessons, entertaining and fun."

Rohan Arya Varma, ACS (I), 2015
(DSTA Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Academic Award for Physics Recipient 2015)

(Click here to see Rohan's Testimonial & YDSP Award)


"I had the best of both worlds - quality teaching for both the IB and A-level H2 and H3 programmes."

Yvette Chow, St Joseph's Institution International School, 2015

(Click here to see Yvette's Testimonial)


"Although Mr. Phang's jokes may be corny or lame, they definitely help me to remember important physics concepts that have helped me score well for every physics exam since Sec 3!"

Azril, ACS(I), 2016

(Click here to see Azril's Testimonial)


"Mr. Phang's physics lessons are always very interesting and lively because of the many sarcastic and silly jokes that he makes ... allowing me to do well in the subject since joining the tuition in sec 3. Thank you Mr. Phang!"

Samuel Lee, ACS(I), 2016

(Click here to see Samuel's Testimonial)


"Mr. Phang is a very humourous teacher, starting from waist exercises (when doing gravitational field) to Phang-nam style (when teaching electromagnetic induction). All these analogies made the lessons funny and helped me to memorise difficult physics concepts."

Ding Tian Yao, St Joseph's Institution International School, 2016
1st International School Student to Top the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) MCQ


"His lessons were engaging and I was able to grasp the concepts easily with his funny but realistic analogies."

Ian Chung, School Of The Arts, 2016

(Click here to see Ian Chung's Testimonial)


Contrasting Stories of Some International School Students

The common trait of all international school students is that they come from families with means.

Beyond that, it's difficult to predict whether they can fit into Mr. Phang's classes.

In early 2015, four international school students joined Mr. Phang's "A" level classes.

The first, a Year 5 student, quit after the first lesson as he felt "uncomfortable" surrounded by Raffles students who happened to form the majority in his Friday class.

The second, a Year 2 student, was oblivious of the Raffles students and had a fun time with "A" level physics. Instead, it's the Raffles students who were "scared" by this little genius' speed at solving complicated "A" level questions. Fortunately, the Rafflesians didn't feel "uncomfortable" and quit en masse.

The third, a Year 4 student, attended Mr. Phang's Sunday JC1 (Year 5) class as his mother wanted him to have a "head start" over his peers; and

The fourth, a Year 6 student, attended Mr. Phang's Saturday H3 (University Year 1) physics class as she intended to pursue physics at a top overseas university.

Mr. Phang provides a unique opportunity for students bestowed with both genes and means to study together with intellectually compatible students.

Unique, because if those mass-market tuition centres try to imitate Mr. Phang's advertising slogan, they will be out of business very soon.



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