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Why students should learn O-Level physics from tutors who teach both O & A-Level physics so that there is continuity.

There is Continuity

You cannot predict the future.

Sometimes, students may think that they are not going to take physics anymore after their O-Levels (Bye Bye Physics!).

So it doesn't matter what sort of tutors they get.

But life is unpredictable and students may change their minds after getting their O-Level results.

Having the same physics tutor from O-Level to A-Level, and maybe even all the way to H3 physics, ensures continuity.

Linette Teo, Raffles Institution (Junior College), 2012
“From nearly failing physics in sec 3 and having no interest in the subject at all, I came to understand physics so much better through Mr. Phang's help and to my own surprise, even took up H3 Physics!”

Kenneth Ng, Hwa Chong Institution (College Section), 2011
"... in early Sec 4 I was failing every single Physics test ... eventually I was even selected to do Physics at the H3 level and was part of a team of 25 students representing my school for the 2010 Singapore Physics Olympiad."

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Tips on G.C.E. O Level Physics Topics

(Click on the links below for tips on O Level Physics)

1. Scalars and Vectors
2. Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
3. Forces and Moments
4. Work, Energy and Power
5. Pressure
6. Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter
7. Thermal Properties
8. Heat Transfer
9. Waves
10. Light
11. Sound
12. Magnetism
13. Charges
14. Current Electricity
15. Electric Circuits
16. Electromagnetism
17. Atomic Physics (Removed from G.C.E. only in IGCSE)