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Physics Tuition by Phang Yu Hon
Tel: 62756800

Mr. Phang is the only Physics Tutor in "Super Tutors" (15/6/08 by Sunday Times Reporter Mavis Toh) and "Super Tutors in Demand" (23/5/16 by Straits Times Reporter Calvin Yang).

Many claim to be "Super Tutors" but Mr. Phang's news below is real (see SPH permission to upload after the news).

The Real Super Tutors

News Heading by Reporter Mavis Toh
The Sunday Times Jun 15, 2008

GP Tutor Tong Yee; Maths Tutor Celine Loi; Physics Tutor Phang Yu Hon; Maths Tutor Laura Oh; Economics Tutor Anthony Fok

Physics Tutor

The Millionaire Tutor

News Heading by Reporter Theresa Tan
The Sunday Times Nov 9, 2014

Phang Yu Hon is still the only "Millionaire Tutor" as no one seems interested in this title

Singapore Physics Tutor

Super Tutors In Demand

News Heading by Calvin Yang
The Straits Times May 23, 2016

Phang Yu Hon reappeared as "Super Tutor" despite many claiming to be one

Physics Tuition

Tutor King 本地补习天王

News Heading by Reporter Dawn Tay
Shin Min Daily News Sep 5, 2010

Phang Yu Hon is still the only "Tutor King" as no one likes to be "King" or "Millionaire", but only "Super"

Physics Tuition

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Academic Background & Experience

1997-Present - Physics Tutor

1995-1996 - MSD Consultants

1991-1994 - DSO National Laboratories Research Engineer

1991 - NUS (1st Class Honours); 2nd Prize (Thesis) & 3rd Prize (Engineering)

1979-1984 - RI Student

Unlike Mr. Phang's ex-colleagues, few tutors recall their alma mater (try Google).

Tutors like Irwin & Kelvin, who name-drop their own alma mater instead of their students' alma mater, are rarer than diamonds

First Class Honours

Electrical Engineering

National University of Singapore.

Second Position

Innovation Award for Honours Thesis

Faculty of Engineering (NUS)

Third Position

Technology Prize

SIngapore Science Centre

Raffles Institution

Student Record

Admitted from Catholic High Primary School

Other 'Firsts'

Besides a First-Class Honours Degree, Mr. Phang and his students have achieved many other 'Firsts' (see below).

Mr. Phang is greatly honoured to be the preferred tutor of the most serious physics students in Singapore.

And students who think it's about time to get serious.

First Physics 'Super Tutor' Who is Not Self-Appointed

The Sunday Times June 15, 2008

GP Tutor Tong Yee; Maths Tutor Celine Loi; Physics Tutor Phang Yu Hon; Maths Tutor Laura Oh; Economics Tutor Anthony Fok

First Student to Break the Male Dominance at the Singapore Physics Olympiad SPhO

The Straits Times January 11, 2008

Fiona Foo (NUS High School). According to the Institute of Physics Singapore, which organised the competition, the top prize has traditionally been dominated by male students

Physics Tuition

First "TUTOR KING" “补习天王” Outside of Hong Kong, Taiwan & China

新明日报 2010年9月5日

First tutor outside Greater China to reach “补习天王” stature

First Student to Obtain Two H3 Distinctions in the Same Subject - Physics

A*Star Talent Search 2009

Chen Hongjie (National Junior College). Distinction in H3 Physics (Essentials of Modern Physics) and Distinction in H3 Physics (Research Project)

Surprise Visitors

Fiona Foo (SPhO Champion 2007) & Chen Hongjie (LKY Maths & Science Award 2010)

While wrapping up his Saturday afternoon class, Mr. Phang has surprise visitors! Fiona Foo (back from the US on summer break) and Chen Hongjie (on army break)

Super Students

Kang Zi Yang (seated 2nd from left) & Chen Hongjie (seated 2nd from right)

Chen Hongjie met Kang Zi Yang again 3 years later at the LKY Maths & Science Award presentation 2010, being respectively among Singapore's top 10 / 15 students in the Pre-University / Secondary Section

First Student in the Singapore Team to Break China's Stranglehold on the International Physics Olympiad IPhO

Singapore Ranked First at International Physics Olympiad 2011
Channel News Asia 19 July 2011

Kang Zi Yang (Raffles Institution) - top Singaporean student at IPhO 2011

First Teaching Professional (Doing REAL Teaching Work) to Break the Million-Dollar Annual Income Barrier

Singapore Book of Records 2011

First physics tutor to enter the Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) as Singapore's Highest Earning Physics Tutor

More Super Students

Sec 3 Students attending Mr. Phang's H3 Physics Class

1. Wang Fanming RI (NMO Champion 2010); 2. Matthew Shi RI (SJPO Gold Medallist 2014/15); 3. Xavier Lim RI (SJPO Gold Medallist 2013); 4. Teddy Ong NUS High (SJPO Gold Medallist 2013/14/15); 5. Theodore Yoong HCI (SJPO Gold Medallist 2012)

First Student to Break the Age Barrier (Youngest Ever) to Win a Gold Medal at the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO)

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 2013

Teddy Ong (NUS High School) went on to become the top Singaporean student at the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) 2017

Teddy's Dad Good News SMS

Asian and International Physics Olympiad 2017

Update: Teddy Ong (NUS High School) won Gold at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2017 - Singapore won 5 gold medals to rank 1st out of 86 participating countries

Physics Tutor

First "MILLIONAIRE TUTOR" to be Verified by the Media rather than the Stuff of Legends

The Straits Times November 9, 2014

Millionaire Tutor Phang Yu Hon

First LOCAL Neighbourhood School Student to Win a Silver Medal at the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO)

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 2014

Raphael Loh (Whitley Secondary School)

Best Physics Tuition

The Law of Motivation

The Straits Times November 9, 2014

He was the only neighbourhood school student to win a gold or silver medal

First International School Student to Top the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) General Round

The "Joseph Schooling" of Physics Olympiad

Ding TianYao (SJI International)

TianYao's Mum Good News SMS

Translation - "Mr. Phang, just received SJPO results, TianYao got Gold, too delighted, initially thought there was no chance as the second special round had lots of writing questions. After learning from you for 2 years, TianYao's interest in physics is becoming more and more intense."

Ding TianYao received 1 of 12 Gold Medals at the SJPO and also topped the General Round

Click Testimonials and News for more on Super Students.

Mr. Phang is the preferred brand of the most serious students, for the same reason Ferrari is of the most serious drivers.

"It takes one to know one".

Best Physics Tuition, Singapore Physics Tutor - Phang Yu Hon

As basic physical science, physics is an essential subject that helps people to understand the structure of matter and the interactions between the elementary constituents of what we can observe in the universe. With the knowledge gained by studying physics, one can understand more about the macroscopic and sub-microscopic aspect of nature, including the nature of the once unknown electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear force field. By discovering the comprehensive principles that govern our universe, phenomena can be explained or at least better understood. Thus, physics is a fundamental part of science that should be studied by all students at least once.

While it may be essential to study physics, many students may lack the proper coaching needed that can help them excel. After all, instead of only striving for mediocre grades, one should work to achieve the highest distinction for their O-level, A-level, JC or IB exams. Understanding and observation are key skills that are needed to obtain the top marks in any subject, but more so when studying physics. The demanding nature of physics is one that requires students to not only be capable of memorising fundamental concepts but also know how to apply them to questions readily. Despite a student’s hard work, his or her results may remain below expectations and not reflect the amount of effort that was put into studying the subject. With the help of a secondary school or JC physics tutor in Singapore, a student can master concepts that they are uncertain about, and receive the mental stimulation needed to tackle any unexpected questions without worries.

As seen from his list of extensive qualifications mentioned on the website, Mr Phang Yu Hon is undoubtedly qualified to be a physics tutor for different academic levels in Singapore including secondary and JC level. His tuition classes can help students to maintain their excellent results, or provide the assistance needed to attain an A grade. Unlike other physics tutors in Singapore, Mr Phang focuses on pushing students to achieve the best results and is not satisfied with slight improvements in a student's grades. Throughout his years as a physics tutor in Singapore, he has helped many secondary school, JC and IB students achieve their desired results, exceeding the expectations of both students and their parents. With his tuition classes, students can digest the more challenging concepts that they may not be able to grasp with just school classes alone. Apart from his thorough explanations, Mr Phang can also provide more stimulating questions that will ensure the students are kept on their toes and can constantly rise to the occasion; answering even the most difficult question.

Mr Phang has received numerous commendations from the press and is considered as one of the best physics tutors in Singapore. If you have any questions or would like to join his lessons, please contact him at the number provided above.